London Irish 9-28 Leicester (10th February 2001)

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London Irish 9-28 Leicester (10th February 2001)

by dom_pedro on Sat Oct 15, 2005 9:45 pm

This old report caught my eye as the style of it is a little different to other reviews....

London Irish 9-28 Leicester (10th February 2001)


Adam: - Biggest crime: not getting the ball out to the wings. Sackey and Bambi were the only consistent breakers of the gain line. Not only that but, when the ball was out quick enough, they were making 20 or 30 yards. Areas to blame would be the centres and scrum half. Quicker, wider ball, please.

Local Lad:- Our two centres create nothing. I don't know if it's because they're not being given enough time. But they get nothing happening for the speedsters outside. I don't like to criticise players but Jason Wright is a bit of a carthorse.

Cormie:- why not try Paul Sackey in the centre - he's got a nice swerve and at least tries to beat his man rather than run into him.

Paul:- Jason Wright's new position should be serving hot dogs behind the West stand!

Steve:- Early on we had the revelation of quick ball and a fine Jason Wright pass setting Nnamdi free to show what he could do. Great, I thought, they're learning. Alas, only one re-occurance of this in the next 80 mins.

Jonty:- The other problem is the complete lack of creativity in midfield. Barry is an excellent kicker but doesn't seem to want to run and his passing is also fairly laboured. The 3/4's also stand too flat and therefore don't run onto the ball in the way that say Bath do. There were also a couple of times that we had a 2-3 man overlap but the ball wasn't shifted fast enough to the wingers.

(A new round of drinks is brought to the table, and our pundits sup deeply while contemplating the tricky question of);


James (from the bar):-Applestrudle looked good and the wings were great form...both in attack and defence. They need to learn to make the 1 on 1 count. We missed 2 or 3 chances when 1 on 1 & that can and does make all the difference.

Colin (settling down with a pint) :-Everybody seems a little carried away with the electric pace of Sacks & Bambi, but quite frankly their positional sense (and I include the centres here) was appalling

Adam:- Dodgy tactic: Both Sackey and Bambi know how fast they are and are purposefully letting the opposition run past them so they can tackle from behind. Now, I know this is an easier tackle and I can't really think of many that could get away from you but there are two problems with this. Firstly, one day someone will and they will score - it will be your fault. Secondly, once they are past you the damage is done. The bare minimum they get is 5 yards extra, sometimes it is as much as 10. I know you can both put in the big hits. Paul's tackling against Wasps at the MadStad was exceptional.


Victor (arriving with glass in hand):-I thought that Justin's performance at fullback was tremendously promising.

James (staggering towards the table):- How Lord Dick managed to give Justin MOTM is beyond me. Granted he made some some runs but the overall display from a full-back was below par.

(More stout and some packets of crisps materialise as our sages ponder the question of);

Scrum half

Local Lad:- Firstly Junior distribution is woefully slow!! He's got get the ball away much quicker from the breakdown, he gave the tigers defence far too much time to realign.

Adam:- Bring KC on! He has very fast hands but that is only the half of it. The team some how looks neater with him controlling the ball.

Steve:- People have criticised Junior but half the problem was the ruck ball was recycled very slowly - again the Tiggers are masters of the black arts. Junior had a reputation in NZ as a quick passer so my guess is the lack of confidence in our back play generally is seeping into his decision-making. The passing was typically terrible and Jonty may be right about the alignment, but generally there is no excuse for the ball to be continually thrown 2 yards behind a man at pace.

Fr Ted (from the bar):- If you tell us a slow re-cycling handling game taking the ball still against a defence re-oranised whilst Junior stands over the ball looking to see where his mum is in the crowd then so be it.

Cormie:- ...nothing wrong with trying to run the ball as indeed Leicester showed. What you need however are fast hands at half-back which I'm afraid we haven't got! Your point concerning junior's somewhat turgid decision making was well made!!

Jonty:- Couldn't agree more on your thoughts on the slow ball. At times it was almost as if Junior was waiting until the Tigers defensive line was in place and then he'd release it!

Ian (bursting through the door):- I thought Colin Allan had a good game!

(Time, gentleman, please!)
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