(Matt of London Irish): Our scrum against Bath

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(Matt of London Irish): Our scrum against Bath

by OxonRob on Sun Nov 06, 2005 11:48 pm

When Robin Clive asked me before the match to provide my assessment of the front row's performance, it was with a heavy heart that I agreed. Why ??? The reason is simple. After three seasons of failure (Rob H and Beefy excepted) in that department, I didn't want to start the new Sunbury Centre with a moan.

How wrong I was !!!

Following a very solid first "getting to know you scrum" our front three improved steadily as the match progressed. My only real concern is Adrian Flav. I am not sure he is capable of delivering enough "beef" at scrum time.

Mike Catt was awarded Man of the Match. In my eyes the award should have gone to Faan in the the tight head spot and Beefy was not far behind. Faan (the Griqua thrower, as my brother Pete calls him) Rautenbach was huge in every sense. I noted that the Bath loose head was trying to get under him but failed, so he was summarily slaughtered.

However the final piece in a front row jigsaw has arrived and "wow" what an impact he made. In this man's opinion, Danie Coetzee will lighten up our front row play in the way that the Great Naka Drotske did. With less than a half "under his belt" he did enough to convince me that at scrum time and in the loose he will be invaluable to our cause.

We only saw the Beefy, Danie, Faan front row in operation together for a few minutes. But what a few minutes !!!!! They simply tore into the Bath front three and showed no mercy. At last !!!

That we gave up very little to Bath when they tried a rolling maul was also, in no small measure, due to our front row.

I sincerely hope, and believe, that the "swallow" I saw on Saturday will make the summer we all long for.
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