London Irish 20 - 16 Harlequins (19th December 1998)

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London Irish 20 - 16 Harlequins (19th December 1998)

by dom_pedro on Sat Oct 15, 2005 9:06 pm

A long time ago, Quins were in the same division as Irish .... (I'm testing this messageboard out and have to post something you know)

London Irish 20 - 16 Harlequins (19th December 1998)

Crack one for Christmas

Is anyone out there sober?

I can barely remember a single thing about that game, and does it matter? We beat Harlequeens, hoorayaye!

It does matter, actually, because that was a handy two points which now puts us just behind Richmond, a team beloved of Sky television for some bizarre reason. Richmond, ironically enough, are due to host us next on St Stephen Bachop's day - no doubt whilst we're still stuffed full of turkey and beer. Which reminds me. I take back everything I said about St Stephen last week. I would like to state right here and now that he can do no wrong in my book and is welcome to rob my entire house and take whatever he wants - money, CD's, the lot. Neal Hatley can have my car and the contents of my wardrobe (if he's prepared to wear frocks, that is) and I am willing to cook hot meals for Dick Best until the day I die.

I think it's true to say that Harlequeens weren't as 'on song' as they have been recently, and that there were a couple of dropped passes on the Irish side. But that said, there were phases in the game when any Irish supporter must have been letting out involuntary sighs of admiration. They tried to play expansive rugby, and when it came off it was gorgeous. However, without wanting to be too miserable on this momentous day, the lineout has got to improve - and considerably - if we expect to start giving our opponents the mother of all hammerings. I think we can, even if we make the odd handling mistake here and there, but that line out isn't going to help.

And I must say, our beloved tannoy man was at the peak of his form today. I've never known him lovelier. "Quins are a tough nut to crack, but let's crack one for Christmas". Magic! And those surreal "Eurovision" announcements. "LONDON IRISH TEN POINTS! NEC Harlequins.....(pause)...Nil points". And has he been reading this website? I do declare that he referred to this game as "The Big One".

I did mention to my trusty sidekick that the ghastly Mr Blobby blow up thing perching on top of the bouncy castle looked like a deranged Harlequeens supporter. So how we laughed when the entire thing collapsed in the second half. Tee heee.....
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