Section Paloise 13-20 London Irish (22nd October 2005)

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Section Paloise 13-20 London Irish (22nd October 2005)

by dom_pedro on Tue Oct 25, 2005 12:36 pm

Report swiped from Pau's website and translated into English by Google.

Translated by Google:

I wish it wouldn't translate ball to be balloon and I think that at one point in the review they say that Irish would be in the top half of the French premiership (at least above Agen anyway).]

A Section at two speeds!

Two speeds indeed: that of the first half in first and often in reverse gear, then, in second half, starting in second, that goes from oneself, to go up until in third or better...
It is to say that match has not filled with enthusiasm witnesses come relatively of numbers, if we regard that it was a match of Cut of Europe, announced as not being one of the objectives of the season.

It did not certainly exalté the witnesses, however very hot at the beginning of part, then little by little irritated by a certain lack by realism and especially a a little restricted vision of the play, at least during the first hour. However, our players do not have demerity (there will return we) and, especially, we had opposite us a team which would be easily in the top of the table of the Signal 14, therefore, a priori, a little higher than Agen, our future adversary in championship!
In any case, a team surprising by her gauges, of which some exceeded the 2 meters briskly. Thierry Mentières said some in the cloakrooms "Equips impressive. At side we were like Hobbits! ". It is to say that we had to make with strong part.

In fact, perhaps impressed by their adversaries, perhaps marked by our last matches, always it is that our players began the match with difficulty. Giving much less play than vis-a-vis Perpignan, they insisted in the axis, but their generous percussions ran up against a wall of players. This play, after a number of times of play, awkwardness arrived fatally and the balloon returned to our adversaries which were going to make a more fluid use of it.
It should be said that they have with Everitt a player having beautiful a Vista and a superb play with the foot. It was going to make use of it to maintain to us during all the first half in our camp.
Thanks to this magic foot, it was also going to mark. Quickly a first penalty, then, after a long time of equality (3 to 3), on a superb master key with the foot it made mark its right winger; then, another penalty; and, finally, the transformation of the edge of key of the second test. We were thus to 6 to 20 at the half-time.

Extremely aggravated, because our fronts had done a beautiful work in spite of the adversity. They, certainly, had lost a ball in significant key at the time of penal-touches little before the tenth minute of play, but they were going to be caught up with by bating the following balloon on launching English. Some others escaped the hands from our players on approximate throws. Irritation of the all the more strong public as the Irishmen of London did not launch only one in the axis from there and that the referee was going to sanction them only twice for that, and still, perhaps on the least contestable balloons...
As for the fray, in spite of its monstrous adversary, it made face, did not lose ball and even was going to recover more penalties than it did not concede any.

Contrariety was twice with its roof on the two tests which we take. The first on a key with five meters in our favour, obtained by an astute kick of Everitt. We collect the ball by Patrick Tabacco on a shortened key, but the arriving support a little late, we lose it. While our players arrive in reinforcement at the short-nap cloth of the regrouping to avoid any passage in force, it is towards the wing that Armitage waits, all alone, the balloon which arrives by the airs, via the foot of Everitt...
The second, all at the end of the prescribed time, whereas our adversaries make us a beautiful muddle, morning of obstruction and of except plays. After a beautiful conquest of our fronts, the three-quarters are made subtilize the balloon in the center of the ground and the English, on against, go until in our in-goal...
The referee did not see any fault... as much of others which it will let pass besides, from where the reflexion which circulated in the Auchan platform: "we complained about our referees, but the others are still worse...". Difficult not to agree!

Our second half, as we could suggest it, was of a much better aspect. The instruction given by staff was to release itself, it is what our players did little by little...
Without them being transcendent, they showed us interesting things. First of all, thanks to a better use of the play to the foot. Instead of returning the balloon by candles under which the English power made wonder, we varied the distances more, leading our adversaries to make faults or to let the balloon go in key. Thus, in the place to play on our premises, we often were in their camp.

In addition, our pack was shown more mobile. Rather than to defy systematically in percussion, our players aired the play a little more. Patrick Tabacco illustrated himself particularly with this play by doing one of his best matches under the green and white shirt... Ace Titia, when it returned, first of all in third line, then as a talonnor, gave punch and speed, very as much as Elvis Laborde-Grèche. As our other young people were not remains about it, in particular Florian Cazalot which marked in force a test far from being made, Abdelatif Boutaty or Thomas Soucaze, to the height (excellent) their last matches, we were going to shake the English.

The play changed certainly heart, but the roublardise was English. Casualties, more or less imaginary, of except obvious plays, from errors of the referee, in long references with the foot of inevitable Everitt.. we were going to lime ourselves in a false rate/rhythm.
We nevertheless missed little the second test, synonymous with null match...

To 13 to 20, Cut of Europe east thus almost finished for us as of his beginning...
"It will enable us to make turn of manpower, to see other young people... us Thierry Mentières in the cloakrooms says, satisfied with those from which we come to speak and "Fabien Fumat, which deserves to be re-examined..."

We have just tested, without too many expenses, and with step badly of changes compared to our "standard" team, which will be the next matches of championship in residence with the large teams of the championship.
It will be necessary to do everything not to lose these... Let us guarantee how this match that we have not just controlled will help us to gain the next ones!

Christian Garrabos
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